Watermelon Game
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Watermelon Game

Origins of Watermelon Game

Watermelon Game, originally known as Synthetic Big Watermelon, has its roots in a Chinese web game. However, it wasn't until December 9, 2021, when Aladdin X introduced it to the Nintendo eShop in Japan, that it gained worldwide recognition. This marked the game's transformation into Suika Game or Watermelon Game.

Two years after its debut, Watermelon Game experienced a meteoric rise in popularity in September 2023. This surge can be attributed in part to the influence of content creators and streamers. Notably, prominent figures like Japanese VTubers and artists like Ado embraced the game, generating a buzz around it. Twitch, a popular streaming platform, witnessed a significant spike in Suika Game viewership, with millions of hours of content consumed each month.

Features of Watermelon Game

How to Play Watermelon Game

Playing Watermelon Game on PC:

  1. Visit https://watermelon-game.net/.
  2. Click on the Play button.
  3. Click and drag fruits of the same kind to merge them.
  4. Strategically position fruits to prevent them from falling off the screen.
  5. Continue merging fruits until you achieve the ultimate goal - creating a watermelon.

Playing Suika Game on Switch:

  1. Download and install Suika Game from the Nintendo eShop.
  2. Select the game icon on the Switch home screen.
  3. Use the controller's directional buttons and A button to control fruits.
  4. Merge fruits of the same kind by moving them together.
  5. Aim to create a watermelon to clear the level.

Tips and Tricks for Success

List of Fruits:

How to Play Watermelon Game Unblocked at School or Workplace

If you find yourself unable to access Suika Game Unblocked due to restrictions at school or work, consider using a proxy server or VPN. These tools can effectively mask your IP address and allow you to access websites that are otherwise blocked.

Watermelon Game is a delightful blend of physics and puzzles that offers hours of entertainment and satisfaction. With its unique gameplay mechanics, charming visuals, and challenging levels, it's no wonder the game has captured the attention of puzzle enthusiasts worldwide. So, grab your device, prepare to merge, and embark on a fruitful journey to watermelon supremacy!


In the Watermelon Game, players engage in a delightful and strategic experience where the primary goal is to merge identical fruits strategically, creating more advanced varieties while avoiding over-piling scenarios. The game begins with a set of basic fruits on the game board, and players must make strategic decisions about which items to merge to unlock new and improved versions. It's essential to manage resources effectively and prevent fruits from accumulating excessively to avoid a game over.